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Case: Invoicing 1 million Reais in one year

Hi everyone, Estevão from Coest over here. Today I'm going to bring you the case of one of our clients who, with the help of Digital Marketing, earned 1 million reais in one year with our services. If you stay until the end of the text, you will learn the strategies we use with many of our clients to leverage the company and increase their business revenue. Our work with this company (a consultancy) began in 2015. Through a diagnosis made by our team, we identified a very large potential for entering the market through an assertive implementation of Digital Marketing that could bring significant revenue to the business. After carrying out the diagnosis, we made a Marketing plan that consisted of the implementation of the following steps:

  1. Company website reconstruction

  2. Investment in the production of constant rich content (Inbound Marketing)

  3. Investment in Google Ads

  4. Use of Email Marketing with weekly trigger

  5. Differentiated service for Leads received through Marketing initiatives

All the work began in January 2015 with a qualified team to carry out each of the stages properly. Before the start of work, the company had an old website that reached the number of 35 hits per month, did not produce any content and had a list of 500 leads in which it sent emails one by one and sometimes sent direct mail by outlook rarely having any return from this initiative. After properly implementing the initiatives, we were able to achieve the following results in the first year of work:

  • The site went from 35 to 10,000 hits per month

  • We create a cadence of sending weekly emails and producing 2 new texts per week

  • During the year, we produced more than 80 texts on the company's main services

  • We indexed 30 pages on Google + about the main services offered by the consultancy in the FIRST three search positions

  • We managed to make the company a reference in Brazil for the 2 main services offered by the company

  • We got project contracts with European companies

  • We made the company earn more than 1 million reais in the first year of implementing the strategy just with the Digital Marketing initiatives

And the most amazing thing about it all is that no more than R$1,000.00 per month was invested in Google Ads to achieve these results. Digital Marketing is a reality and the decision is yours to take advantage of to make your business reach incredible numbers like this case I just shared. With more than 8 years of experience, Coest Studio has a team of top professionals to achieve its goals. Today, we have a team specialized in assisting from the micro entrepreneur who is starting his business to large companies that are the first in their sector. The big question is: what do you need to make 2023 the year of your business?

Estevão Marchetti - Diretor Comercial

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